Kitchen Renovation Birmingham Gardens Newcastle – Basic Kitchen Make-Over

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This was a very old house located in Birmingham garden in Newcastle that the client used as a rental property.

The client just wanted a make-over not
a completely new Kitchen renovation as their budget did not allow for so much work.

Upon checking the area, we started by removing the bottom cabinetry and bench top, as well as other amenities present in the kitchen, like the ancient oven.

Over the years, the sink and the tap had been leaking. So there was some damage to repair. We repaired the walls and reline them ready for the new base units.

After completeing the repairs, we installed the new base units and added the new laminated bench top. We then set about tiling the splash back area with 60mm X 300mm gloss white tiles with new white power points.

We also install a new bench top on island bench and put in a free-standing oven and new range hood.

It ended up a very neat modern kitchen at an affordable price.

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