Sunroom Renovation and Insurance Job at Cessnock in the Hunter Valley

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Sunrooms Designed With Year-Round Living In Mind are great for every home. These are specially designed rooms that have large glass windows to allows a lot of sunlight to enter the room.

This job was a little unusual. The sunroom we built at Cessnock had been crashed into by a car and ended up becoming an insurance job.

The client immediately called us to help them with the renovation of their beloved area. Because this is an insurance job, the assurance for the damaged property to recover or change into something new is important.

The damage of the car cashed made to this sunroom is severe and given us a lot of work to do. Before we started to work on it, we first inspected the sunroom, and found out that the car damaged both the brickwork and the windows.

We removed 3 windows, a section off the ceiling and 70% of the brickwork.

To ensure the durability and strength of the new wall, we changed the bricks into a brick veneer wall. (Brick veneers are external, non-structural brick walls that conceal a structural wall of another material like steel and timber.)

For this sunroom, the internal wall is made from timber and plasterboard.

We matched the brick veneers with the existing brick wall. We laid the wall and pier to match the original design and colour of the brick wall. We also installed new powder coated sliding windows.

Then the plasterboard which is the internal wall is painted with modern Pascal grey. This colour is way better than the canary yellow which is the old colour of the wall.

Turns out, the new appearance and insulation of this sunroom are way better than before!

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