Laundry Room Remodel and Full Renovation in Elermore Vale – Newcastle

Some times you need to bit the bullet and improve certain things around the home.

Improving the laundry room will help add value to the home as well as increase efficiency doing the laundry chores.

Our customer needed a better solution to their current laundry situation. A full laundry remodel was overdue.

The internal laundry originally had a free-standing sink on the right, a washing machine in the middle, and a dryer on the left giving no bench area.

The only storage was minimal and only under the sink where the plumbing and s-trap was located.

We installed a cabinetry base unit and broom cupboard next to it on the right and an overhead unit.

Then installed a laminated bench top, small S/S sink, chrome mixer, then tiled with large gloss white tiles.

Now it’s a practical neat and tidy, with a little bench spot and plenty of storage including the mop and broom.

Laundry Renovations are our bread and butter. If you need help you with your laundry room remodelling (Sinks, cupboards, washers and the broom room) just give me a call on: 0428 238 223

Custom Built Laundry at Andretta Avenue – Elermore Vale

Another Custom Built Laundry at Andretta Avenue Elermore Vale Newcastle