Disabled Shower Installation in Merewether – New Disable Bathroom Shower

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Caring for a disabled person can be very challenging which is why you always need the best equipment.

A disabled shower is a necessity that is very important in giving the best care and confidence possible to the disabled person.

Rook Building has dealt with this type of job before, so we knew exactly what to do for the client.

To begin with this was a 2nd floor shower that was leaking into ground floor lounge room, due to failed waterproof. That had to be fixed!

The previous shower was your traditional 900mm X 900mm cubical with a door on a brick hob.

Because this client was elderly, we made it a walk-in shower (no door nor hob) with a frameless glass shower panel.

The shower is hand held on a rail which also acts as a grab rail along with a horizontal grab rail and a flick mixer, giving the client easy access and usability with room to have a seat.

We matched the wall tile with existing 200mm x 200m rippled white and match as close as possible to floor with a mosaic blue tile.

So there you have it. The client can now feel comfortable and safe in the shower with all the right features of a disabled shower.

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