Wheelchair Access Ramp Build at Belmont – Lake Macquarie – Newcastle

Retirement is considered the most chill stage of life. It’s the time when you don’t have to worry to much.

There are fun travels abroad and times to just stay home an enjoy life. And perhaps, improve your home.

Mobility Ramps, in particular, are one of the best home additions the retiring community could have. Of course, this home addition provides comfort and ease of manoeuvrability to the home-owners.

For example, this ramp was installed for an elderly couple from Belmont. This lovely duo had moved into a mobile home at a retirement village in the Lake Macquarie district (..just south of Newcastle) and who wanted to improve their lifestyle by updating the access ramp to their home.

The clients decided to use treated pine for the construction. This would keep the cost down, and save them some extra money for their retirement.

Now it is much easier for them to get in and out of their home safety. Happy retirement!

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